Dining Menu


Crispy Onions
A pile of house cut, crispy fried onions served with Sriracha aioli. $9.50

Tender wings basted with choice of Honey-Pepper Buffalo, Sriracha Meltdown, Fire-Roasted BBQ, Huli Huli, Smoked Teriyaki sauce or Sweet and Smoky Dry Rub. Served with celery and Blue Cheese dressing. $11.95

Boneless Wings
Fried chicken tenders tossed in Honey-Pepper Buffalo, Fire-Roasted BBQ, Huli Huli, Smoked Teriyaki sauce, Sriracha Meltdown sauce or Sweet and Smoky Dry Rub. Served with celery and Blue Cheese dressing. $11.50

Ahi Tuna Bibb Wraps
Juniper dusted Ahi Tuna seared rare with cucumber, avocado, Sriracha–lime aioli and wrapped in BiBB lettuce. $11.95

Lobster Nachos
Crisp Wonton Chips, rich lobster meat, shredded cheese, lettuce, onion, tomato, Kalamata olives, fresh avocado with a Havarti-Dill Cajun Mornay sauce. $13.95

Artichoke Dip
Traditional Italian artichoke dip served with fried pasta chips. $9.50

Pike Corn Dogs
Northern Pike dipped in cornmeal batter and fried to a golden brown. Served with Sriracha aioli. $11.95

Chicken Nachos
Fresh tri-colored tortilla chips, topped with our chicken nacho meat, melted cheese, lettuce, onion, black olives, tomato, jalapenos, and Chipotle sour cream. Served with our house-made salsa. $11.50

Fired Up Shrimp
Jumbo shrimp wrapped in prosciutto and basted in our honey pepper buffalo sauce. Served with citrus ale spring mix and garlic bread. $14.95

Chicken Quesadillas
Our chicken nacho meat, shredded cheese, onions and peppers melted inside grilled flour tortillas. Drizzled with Chipotle sour cream and served with shredded lettuce, tomatoes and salsa. $10.95


Chorizo Sausage & Pepperoni
Chorizo sausage, pepperoni, red and yellow peppers, caramelized onions, and our own pizza sauce baked with Mozzarella and Provolone cheese. $12.50

Flatbread Bella Roma
Artichoke dip, roasted tomatoes, Parmesan cheese, spinach and fresh herbs. $11.95 Add grilled chicken $2

Roasted Pear Flatbread
Roasted pears with caramelized onions, Blue Cheese crumbles, Balsamic glaze and topped with citrus-spinach. $12.50 Add grilled chicken $2


Add a side salad for $2.95

Roasted Red Pepper Hummus
Served with fried pasta chips and fresh vegetables. $10.95

Veggie Stir Fry
Stir fried vegetables and Japanese pan noodles with smoked teriyaki sauce. $12.95

Fresh Salads

Big House Salad
Mixed salad greens, red onion, tomatoes, cucumbers, shredded carrots, croutons, Mozzarella and Provolone cheese. Served with your choice of dressing. $9.50 Add grilled chicken $2, shrimp $4 or grilled flank steak $6

Greek Chicken Salad
Oregano-grilled chicken, mixed greens, Kalamata olives, tomato, cucumbers and feta cheese with a balsamic vinaigrette. $11.95 Substitute shrimp : $2 or grilled flank steak : $4

Thai Pineapple Salad
Spinach, shredded Napa and Red cabbage, bell pepper, green onion, and chopped pineapple tossed in our sesame-ginger dressing. Topped with crispy wonton strips and chopped peanuts. $9.95 Add grilled chicken $2, shrimp $4 or grilled flank steak $6

Chicken Caesar Salad : Oregano-grilled chicken breast, Romaine lettuce, housemade Caesar dressing, freshly grated Parmesan cheese and croutons. $11.25
Substitute shrimp : $2 or grilled flank steak : $4

Spinach & Strawberry Salad
Fresh spinach tossed in a Citrus-Ale Vinaigrette, red onion, avocado, strawberries and candied pecans. $10.95 Add grilled chicken $2, shrimp $4 or grilled flank steak $6

Mojave Salad
Iceberg and Romaine lettuce, black beans, corn, tomato, Cheddar cheese and red onion tossed in our cilantro-lime vinaigrette. $9.50 Add grilled chicken $2, shrimp $4 or grilled flank steak $6

Sea Food Favorites

Add a cup of soup or side salad for $2.95

Honey Citrus Salmon
Grilled salmon basted with our honey-citrus glaze and served with roasted Yukon Gold potatoes and spinach. $18.95

*Lobster Mac n Cheese
Rich Lobster meat tossed in our house made Mac n Cheese. $18.95

Lemon Grilled Shrimp
6 jumbo shrimp, grilled and basted with our honey-citrus glaze and served with grilled lemons, roasted red pepper risotto and vegetables. $20.95

Pan-Seared Scallops
Pan-seared scallops, served with forbidden black rice pilaf, summer squash, zucchini, red pepper oil and cilantro oil. $21.95

*Buttercrumb Walleye
Butter cracker coated Walleye fillet, fried and topped with almond butter. Served with grilled asparagus and forbidden black rice pilaf. $19.95

Grilled lobster tails
7 ounces of grilled and split lobster tails, basted in smoked paprika butter and served with Cheddar mashed potatoes and asparagus. $29.95

Pike’s Perch Fry
Panko-crusted Perch, served with French Fries, cole slaw and tartar sauce. $16.95

Hawaiian Poke Bowl
Traditional Hawaiian dish of raw diced tuna over a fresh medley of avocado, cucumber, cabbage, cilantro-lime rice, sesame seeds and carrots. Topped with a drizzle of Sesame-ginger dressing. $14.95


Sandwiches served with French fries, garlic mashed potatoes or coleslaw. Substitute sweet potato fries, onion rings, soup or side salad for $1.95

Walleye Sandwich
Panko-crusted Walleye Pike, shredded lettuce, tomato, onion and lemon-dill aioli. $13.95

Roasted Turkey Club
Slow-roasted turkey with Provolone, spring mix, tomato, red onion, bacon and Sriracha aioli on Parmesan crusted French roll. $10.95

Ahi Tuna Sandwich
Sesame Tuna, seared rare, with citrus slaw, red onion, avocado and Wasabi aioli on a Brioche bun.. $13.95

Tender Corned beef, Swiss cheese, 1000 Island dressing and saurkraut on Rye. $11.50

Philly Beefsteak
Thinly sliced roast beef, sautéed red peppers and onions, Provolone cheese on a grilled Baguette. Served with au jus. $12.50

Chicken fajita wrap
Fajita chicken, peppers and onions with shredded Romaine lettuce, tomatoes, shredded cheese and chipotle sour cream. $11.50

Broiled Salmon Brioche
Broiled Atlantic Salmon on a bed of fresh spinach, with Citrus-Ale
vinaigrette, Kalamata olives, red onion and lemon-dill aioli on a Brioche bun. $14.95

Smokin’ Good Chicken
Grilled chicken breast, garlic aioli, bacon, lettuce, tomato and smoked Gouda cheese. $11.50

Korean BBQ Beef Tacos
Korean BBQ marinated flank steak, sriracha aioli, and citrus slaw in grilled flour tortillas. 2 for $11.95 or 3 for $13.95

Buffalo Shrimp Tacos
Tender shrimp tossed in our Honey-Pepper Buffalo sauce on a grilled flour
tortilla with citrus slaw, celery, onion, tomato and Cilantro-lime sour cream. 2 for $11.95 or 3 for $13.95

Fish Tacos
Cajun-dusted Perch with citrus slaw, fresh cucumber pico and Cilantro-lime sour cream on grilled flour tortillas. 2 for $11.95 or 3 for $13.95

Huli Huli Chicken Tacos
Think Hawaiian BBQ chicken with cilantro rice and grilled pineapple salsa.
2 for $11.95 or 3 for $13.95

Hand-pressed Burgers

Fresh ground chuck grilled to order and served with lettuce, tomato, and choice of French fries, coleslaw or garlic mashed potatoes. Substitute sweet potato fries, onion rings, soup or side salad for $1.95 Substitute a Bison or Elk burger patty for $2.00

BBQ Bacon Cheddar
Fire-Roasted BBQ sauce, bacon and Cheddar cheese. $11.95

Mushroom Swiss
Crimini mushrooms, sauteed onions and Swiss cheese. $11.95

XX JuicyLucy*
Ground chuck stuffed with American cheese, then topped with BBQ sauce, American cheese, bacon, lettuce & tomato. Served on a pretzel bun. $12.50
*Contest winning recipe from Alexandria Area High School Marketing Class.

Crafted Beer Burger
Smoked Gouda cheese, beer and seasonings added to the beef. Topped with more Gouda and a creamy mustard sauce. $11.50

Cajun Pike Burger
Cajun dusted ground Walleye and Northern Pike, red onion, Sriracha aioli and fried pickles. Topped with Havarti-Dill cheese. $12.95

Hidden Bison Ranch Burger
Fresh, locally sourced, ground bison with Pepperjack cheese, avocado, lettuce, tomato, onion and chipotle sour cream. $13.50

Elk Burger
Locally sourced, lean ground elk, crispy fried onions with a garlic aioli. $14.50

Cheese Burger
Choice of American, Smoked Gouda, Cheddar, Pepper Jack or Swiss cheese. $9.95

Cooked to your liking. $9.25

The Meat Counter

Add a cup of soup or side salad for $2.95

Smoked Teriyaki Sirloin
Choice marinated sirloin, topped with our smoked teriyaki mushroom sauce, served on classic pan noodles with stir fry
vegetables. $19.95

Sirloin Steak
8 ounce grilled Black Angus Sirloin served with roasted Yukon Gold potatoes and vegetables. $19.95 Add 3 lemon-grilled shrimp for $6.00

Ribeye Steak
Our favorite steak cut, served with brussels sprouts, bacon and roasted Yukon Gold potatoes. $26.95

Filet Mignon
8 ounces of our most tender cut, served with rich red wine sauce, brussels sprouts, bacon and roasted Yukon Gold potatoes. $29.95

Pork Porterhouse Chop with Cider Jus
12 ounce pork porterhouse chop served with apple cider jus, roasted Yukon Gold potatoes, brussels
sprouts and bacon. $15.95

Hockey Dad Pork Ribs
Award winning BBQ Ribs with our fire-roasted BBQ sauce. Served with French fries and coleslaw. 6 bones – $15.95  9 bones – $19.95


Add a cup of soup or side salad for $2.95

Chicken Bruschetta Pasta
Penne pasta, fresh tomatoes, basil and garlic in a light wine and butter sauce, topped with grilled chicken and Parmesan cheese. $16.95 Substitute sautéed shrimp for additional $2

Japanese Pan Noodles
Marinated chicken, seared and tossed in our smoked teriyaki sauce with pan noodles and fresh vegetable stir fry. $15.95
Substitute sautéed shrimp for additional $2.00

Fettuccini Alfredo
Creamy Alfredo sauce, made to order, with Parmesan, garlic and fresh basil. $12.50 Add chicken $2 or shrimp $4

Steak Fajita Pasta
Fajita flank steak, onions, bell peppers and tomatoes tossed with penne pasta in a spicy cream sauce. Finished with fresh avocado slices. $17.95

Cajun Pasta
Sautéed bell peppers and onions tossed in our Cajun cream sauce and vermicelli pasta with chicken. $15.95
With shrimp and chef’s choice seafood $18.95